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Healthy Aging, Lifestyle and Frailty Study

Welcome to the Stanford Healthy Aging, Lifestyle and Frailty study.

The immune system is profoundly affected by aging. Older individuals are at higher risk of death and disability from infections and cancer. The reason for such disproportionate susceptibility appears to be age-attributed impairment or suboptimal performance of immune system. Such age-attributed immune dysfunction might have a hidden role in other disease states such as chronic inflammatory diseases (COPD or rheumatoid arthritis) and degenerative diseases such as atherosclerosis and osteoarthritis. Yet, systematic efforts to understand the role of aging on immunological mechanisms are lacking. There are two reasons for this. The first is absence of well-defined set of immunological measures that are easy to perform but comprehensive in scope. A well-defined battery of such tests, similar to those for renal or hepatic function, would allow one to characterize the functional status of immunity (innate, adaptive or even aberrant) in varied settings including old age, health and disease. The second reason is the absence of understanding of what constitutes ‘normal’ immunobiology of aging in the general population. In other words, which of the changes over time are ‘normal’ and which changes are not. This proposed study would utilize a variety high throughput assays (genomic and proteomic) to allow the development of a comprehensive database of the immune profile of healthy aging subjects that could be used as a control for future studies on immune profiles changes associated with diseases of the aging.

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